How Reiki can help

How Reiki can help

The main thing that reduces life energy is stress, and yet our lives often contain stressful experiences e.g. health issues, financial strain, relationship issues, disappointments etc. However, stress is a normal part of life, and because of this, people who live happy, healthy and abundant lives aren’t people who don’t have stress in their lives; they are people who have learned to deal with stress in a healthy way.  Reiki is a method of dealing effectively with stress, and its use can lead to living a happier, healthier, more abundant life.

By reducing stress, Reiki can improve your health, making it less likely that you’ll get sick.  It can also promote the healing process and works well for simple things like headaches, and minor injuries.  It can also work alongside regular medical care for more serious illnesses or conditions such as heart disease, cancer and serious injury.  Reiki has been known to reduce the negative effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, thus making it easier to follow through with prescribed medical treatment. 

Reiki is a powerful tool working on all four aspects of life i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Sometimes life can be difficult and either you or those you love don’t feel good, for one of a variety of reasons, maybe not even knowing why.  At times like these, Reiki can often be exactly what is needed.  Reiki  can make you feel cared for, helping you to relax and let go of what’s bothering you.  You’ll feel lighter, move into a place of greater freedom and feel better.

Sometimes in life our confidence can be knocked and challenges presented to us bring up feelings that affect our ability to be in touch with our innate inner strength; feelings like fear, worry, anger, regret, shame ambivalence, anxiety etc.  Reiki is a healthy way of dealing with these feelings, helping them to heal and allowing you to release them, replacing them with their healthy counterparts like trust, self-acceptance, forgiveness, self-esteem, kindness, peace, joy, love, clarity of purpose and confidence.

We all benefit from having the emotional and mental flexibility to access our full creative ability, which comes from a sense of feeling safe and relaxed.  Reiki can help you move into this state of mind enabling you to connect with your feelings and have the curiosity and initiative to try new things, keeping your mind fresh and your purpose clearly defined.

Below is a list of conditions and situations that Reiki has been known to help.  However, keep in mind that for serious conditions and injuries, it’s important to seek medical care in addition to using Reiki.

                                             Insomnia                     Addictions
                                            Headache                     Stress related problems               
                                   Aches and pains                     General malaise “not feeling good”
                                                Sprains                     Lack of confidence
                                      Sports injuries                     Reduced creativity
                               Digestive problems                     Fatigue