Kathy Hayman

Kathy has worked in the corporate world and run her own businesses in event management, property and project funding.  She has also raised two children who are now adults she is very proud of.

Having a busy working and family life, as well as dealing with some of the “curved balls” life has thrown at her, has introduced levels of stress that have often been very difficult to deal with, taking their toll on her health, relationships and peace of mind.

Six years ago, at a time of huge stress, Kathy was introduced to a Reiki practitioner whilst on a business trip to Cyprus.  She had a treatment, which unlocked an emotional floodgate, an experience Kathy wasn’t expecting.  The practitioner told her that she really needed some additional treatments and introduced her to a friend and colleague in the UK who “by some synchronicity” lived 5 miles from where Kathy lives!

Kathy continued to have regular treatment and found the benefits of Reiki made a huge difference to her ability to cope with life, eased her physical ailments and gave her back peace of mind.

More recently, Kathy’s working life changed and she made the decision to move onto a different career path, which included taking the time to qualify as a Reiki practitioner.  Kathy met a Reiki Master and Teacher who she really connected with(another synchronicity!) and thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning this invaluable skill.

Kathy feels that the life lessons she has experienced enable her to empathise with clients.  Sharing the positive benefits she has found in Reiki - and seeing the profound changes it brings for others - is a very rewarding experience.

Kathy is happy to answer any questions you may have prior to booking a treatment.